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Upgrade IHC visual 1 til visual 3




Jeg overvejer at opgradere min IHC installation, som er tilbage fra 2002. Det er en visual 1 controller med tilhørende input og output moduler. Overvejelserne går på kun at opgradere controlleren til en visual 3, mest for at opnå remote adgang.

Selve programmet fra visual 1 controlleren er det kompatibelt med visual 3 ? eller kræver den er delvis eller helt ny programmering af funktionerne? Jeg har ingen trådløse enheder (endnu), så det er kun "fysiske" IO og programmet som eller relevant...



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Velkommen til IHC user

Der er sket meget siden 2002, så det er desværre forfra med programmet, men den gode nyhed er at du kan lave dit nye program i fred og ro, inden du kobler den op på installationen.

Det gøres "lettest" med 2 computere med hver sit program, så kan du se adresser mm på den ene og lave det nye program på den anden. Men hvis du ikke kender til IHC kan det godt være noget "langhåret".

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I did this change from v1 to v3 just recently and noticed following

  • All programming must do with new software. It's not so much different than with v1 but logic is bit different. Quite easy to learn especially for you as there is Youtube videos and proper documentation material available in Danish. But not in English, that was hindering my project a bit. 
  • Hope that you have a proper documentation (on paper) available of connected ports, it helps a lot making new program. 
  • It is possible to run old v1 and new v3 software at same time in computer thus you can have your current v1 project open on another window and same time creating new v3 project. I did whole programming beforehand so actual switchover was pretty simple. Main thing is to mark all cables properly before loosing those from old controller. Then it's easy and error free connect those to new controller. 
  • Network connection part takes some effort to configure it right but luckily, again there is a good documentation available. 
  • Some parts of more complex automation i actually did with Homeassitant, that i integrated with IHC. 

Overall i am quite happy of this switch and new functionalities that network connection brought. 

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