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  1. You are right. As keypad did not work properly with 6.2.01 so tested using 6.1.03 to handle keyboard only. Works ok but as this led issue was not corrected via this, will switch back to 6.2.01 only.
  2. Great, will test this option! Installation as such (HW) cannot be wrong as none has changed, then issue must in my SW config...
  3. Yes, this status change happens but light do not change. But will start to deepdive this again when back to my holiday home next time where this setup is installed. Keep you posted
  4. Yes, that what confuses me. I have had this installed and worked with Visual Controller 1 and changed that to Visual Controller 3. All cabling and programming (that is same..as all needed to reprogrammed) is as before. And as said, keypad works and alarm activate/deactivate from keyboard. When press keys, red light flashes but as activation is done working, light on keyboard is green :( Do not know what actually controls that light color.
  5. https://www.greenline.dk/elartikler/tavlemateriel/lk-ihc/ihc-control-alarm-kodetastatur
  6. Another issue. I use keypad to activate burglar alarm with this way: eg. when keyboard activates, it will tell 6.2.01.b that activation is ok. And this works fine so alarm is activated and de-activated normally from keyboard BUT light is always GREEN. Red flashes onlu when press keys but no stay red on activated state (as it should)....what's wrong here...?
  7. Hi. I have all aspects in use of 1.4.01.c as you see here: This works fine except as when evening comes and twilight activates, it put light ON even no need to do so. And it will stay on until someone use Constant -button or PIR is activated. In my understanding this Twilight -option should only activate PIR usage, not put light ON. How to fix this? Petteri
  8. Firmware is supporting also English. After installation it was in Danish but you can switch language to English from up right corner. (based on my experience of Visual 3 latest firmware)
  9. Hi. I did this change from v1 to v3 just recently and noticed following All programming must do with new software. It's not so much different than with v1 but logic is bit different. Quite easy to learn especially for you as there is Youtube videos and proper documentation material available in Danish. But not in English, that was hindering my project a bit. Hope that you have a proper documentation (on paper) available of connected ports, it helps a lot making new program. It is possible to run old v1 and new v3 software at same time in computer thus you can have you
  10. Hi, Vladimir! Did you found your SW already? I have now switched my IHC WIN v1 to IHC Visual Controller v3 and found original SW CD including UK version v1.32.
  11. Thanks, this is the same version i got from IHC support. Nice to see it’s available also ”in public”
  12. Contact Technical Support Denmark <dk-ts@schneider-electric.com> . They can (hopefully) help . I have Finnish version (1.32) if that helps...
  13. Yep, personally i am now happy as my invest 10+ years ago was upgradable with reasonable costs for "internet era", have those couple basic wireless products i need and have relatively easy connection for OpenHAB/Homeassistant etc to fulfill my home automation needs. This will now work for decades for my needs. Then another story is first Schneider overall support strategy and secondly IHC future as such. Support i have already said some of my opinions :) Anyhow i would expect full support (and language versions) available for at least 10+ years for all users they have sold their so
  14. Yes, all this type of "backup solutions" are possible. But why an earth this size of an company plays around with language support? That just do not make sense and gives very bad customer support experience. Bit same as if i look old version of IHC (V1) that was available in many languages. Now i see only DK version, no others. As they still have these available, why just not make those downloadable for all? But to get this UK version support, we just need to push support email info that yes, UK support is needed now and in the future.
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