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  1. where can I find older versions?
  2. Hello, Recently I purchased a IHC Control Visual 2 (6.2), but I can't find the IHC Visual software in English. Where can I download it from ? Thanks
  3. Hello, I'm from Barcelona. I have the Simon VIS system, a rebranded version of the first IHC Controller. I'm interested to have a Visual Controller as I think it can be compatible with all my input and output modules. So, are you interested to sell to me and send it to Barcelona? Thanks and Regards!
  4. Hello, I'm from Barcelona (Spain), and I have a Simon VIS installation (a clone of IHC Controller Visual 1 system). I'm interested to start using my installation with OpenHAB and I can see that I will need a IHC Controller Visual 2 or 3. Someone is interested in selling one of them and send to Barcelona? The payment could be done through paypal. Apart of the Controller 2 or 3, do I need any other module? e.g. power module.... Thanks!
  5. pilfos

    OpenHAB binding

    Hello Pauli, I have a "Simon VIS" system, a spanish clone of the first LK IHC as you can see here: http://www.tooms.dk/articles_tutorials/ihc_hardandsoftware/controller/120B1200/default.asp The "controller" can be connected with some software through the RS485 pins and using RS485 to serial converters. I'm interested in starting to use OpenHAB, but I don't know if the current IHC binding will be compatible or it will only work with more modern IHC systems / Controllers.. In case that this OpenHAB binding is not compatible with the controller I have, which one should I buy? and where? (as the rest of components, input, output modules should be compatible) I can see two models: - 820B1202 Visual Controller - 820B1400 Visual Controller / Viewer Thanks!
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