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  1. Pauli Anttila

    Hvordan kan man "aktivere" et tryk via Google Home

    IHC controller doesn't provide battery level information. There is only boolean info available. Battery level is good or low and rf-device-low-battery-channel will follow that information.
  2. Pauli Anttila

    Openhab2, hvad er det jeg overser ?

    Of course you can do it by rules easily in openHAB, but I referred to profiles, which idea is to reduce the simple rule writing. That IHC binding specific profile is already pretty complex, but if all use cases are introduced, it would be really difficult to configure.
  3. Pauli Anttila

    Openhab2, hvad er det jeg overser ?

    No. It's rather difficult to support all use cases by one button.
  4. Pauli Anttila

    Openhab2, hvad er det jeg overser ?

    @Kandersen, which ihc binding version you are using (date). I introduced “pushbutton-to-command” profile 14. December, so you need to have version where timestamp is later.
  5. Pauli Anttila

    openHAB2 IHC binding

    @veng, could you run with apache http debugs? Library logging has been improved since the library version which I used before. We should hopefully see what is the timeout used by the library. Please enable IHC binding logging level to trace as well.
  6. Pauli Anttila

    openHAB2 IHC binding

    @Gert Kjerslev, @veng, @Nicki Z. I updated apache http client. Could one of you run ones again following version with default 5000ms timeout (with IHC binding trace level debugs)? https://www.dropbox.com/s/kaebm8nve8y84c7/org.openhab.binding.ihc_2.4.0.201901091843.jar?dl=0 If you still meet timeout problem, please enable http client debugs by following command from karaf console and run test again. log:set DEBUG org.apache.http You can disable http client debugs by log:set DEFAULT org.apache.http Please, send me the log as well.
  7. Pauli Anttila

    Openhab2, hvad er det jeg overser ?

    Profiles are introduced in openHAB v2.4, so they are rather new concept.
  8. Pauli Anttila

    Openhab2, hvad er det jeg overser ?

    @Kandersen, profiles are generic features, so they are not IHC binding specific. IHC binding also provides binding specific profiles which can be used only whit IHC binding channels (those are descriped in IHC binding documentation). Generic profiles are described here
  9. Pauli Anttila

    Openhab2, hvad er det jeg overser ?

    @LarsC, openHAB 2 bindings only handles commands, so item updates are not processed by the bindings: 1. Bindings updates channels which are linked to the items 2. Bindings process commands which are send to items which are linked binding channels. Because MQTT binding updates item state, state isn't send to IHC controller. From Paper UI, you send commands as you want to change the state, therefore command is send to the IHC controller. Follow profile or rules can be used to handle this situation.
  10. Pauli Anttila

    openHAB2 IHC binding

    I wrote following in page 2
  11. Pauli Anttila

    openHAB2 IHC binding

    From PaperUI (add channel manually) Contact example in thing file: Type contact-channel : myContact "My Contact" [ resourceId=3988827, inverted=true ] Did you read the documentation? I'm just wondering if the documentation isn't clear enough?
  12. Pauli Anttila

    openHAB2 IHC binding

    @veng and @Nicki Z., I'm using Apache http client library to communicate to the IHC controller. Some reason in windows platform, timeout doesn't work like library API defines, so I guess it's a bug on library side. On Mac (OS X) and Linux it works correctly.
  13. Pauli Anttila

    openHAB2 IHC binding

    That's a openHAB (more specifically in Eclipse SmartHome) framework limitation/issue. Same applies to all bindings (things id's or channel id's). Most probably special character aren't supported, but then e.g. PaperUI or Visual Code Studio via Language Server Protocol service in openHAB should give a warning. You could create issue on eclipse SmartHome about this.
  14. Pauli Anttila

    openHAB2 IHC binding

    @Nicki Z., which OS you are running the openHAB? Windows?
  15. Pauli Anttila

    openHAB2 IHC binding

    @veng, could test also with higher timeout (e.g. 15000ms) and send trace level logs?

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