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  1. IHC Captain or IHC Bridge require Hardware (raspberry pi) and I want a software solution like command fusion for example. If the IHC has an IP address and has well-defined IOs, there must be some way to send commands to it outside the java interface.
  2. The IHC is configured on the network with a specific IP address and a Port, correct? I would like to know if from this address I can send http commands via hyperterminal and / or any internet browser without going through the IHC java application.
  3. Is there any way to do commands on IHC via the internet, for example, writing the google chrome layer contollerip:port command
  4. I tried 10 times and I gave up, it always gives an error in 74%
  5. When it was an error, did you downgrade 2.8.4 firmware or did it again? And you used firmwareloader 1.3.3 or 1.0? Thank you
  6. And for my problem of serial number and RF version without their numbers. can anybody help me?
  7. Every imported product goes through a human check. If the person who is checking my IHC searches the value of it in the home country, it should tax the same at 60% of the value. I would have to take that risk and hope not to be taxed. Brazil is the country that most likes to collect taxes in the world.
  8. Importing in Brazil is just for the crazy, we have to pay at least 60% tax on the value of the product, it would be very expensive for me. Would you have some old versions of firmware that I could test to see if my controller returns to normal with the serial number? From the photos you can see that he is in perfect condition right. Thank you
  9. I created the courage and I dismounted the IHC, very simple of course, just release the two rear latches and the front cover that has full access to the circuit. I taked some pictures to show how are my controller, and from what I realized there is only one connector that is what connects the main board to the USB, RF and I / O's card - it was well connected but I wiped the entire board before reconnect and reassemble the equipment. I tried again pass the 2.8.4 firmware and the same error continues at the end of the installation and the serial number 0 appears in the administrator. To try to solve the problem, I have the firmware reset_factory_default.zip that has here in the forum before putting 2.7.220 again and nothing has changed. With respect to JAVA, I have installed the 32bit version of 7.79 because it is the only one that does not give errors to access. You would have some other hint tip to help, a master firmware that can sometimes cause the controller to return to factory state. I am from Brazil, and here Schneider Electric has discontinued the IHC line and works only with KNX, that is, I do not even have the option to buy a new controller version 3 to solve my connection problem with IOS11. All the help is of immense value. Thank you so much
  10. What was your install sequence? First firmware and then JAVA? I'm still in error here.
  11. Good morning, when I pass the new firmware I wait until the success message, restart the controller and go to the administrator to see these options, can you tell me if there is any hardware or software problem in it? Any tips for disassembling the controller or is it easy to identify such problems on the board?
  12. Could you give me any tips or do you have some disassembly tutorial of the controller?, I'll do it tomorrow morning to try to finish it the same day.
  13. I did all the procedures, however, with the old firmware loader here from the forum, since with version 2.8.6 gave the error below. I believe that I will not get anything right, right?
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