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  1. I did some scope measurements, signal is exactly the same.
  2. So strange: IHC inputmodule connected to IHC outputmodule: OK Arduino BasicOutput connected to IHC outputmodule: OK Arduino BasicOutput connected to Arduino BasicInput: OK IHC inputmodule connected to Arduino Basicinput: NOK I'm lost...
  3. I've succesfully created a modbus to IHC output converter, with the Basicoutput example. Now I want to do the same for the input module, with the Basicinput example. The Basicinput code is loaded into an arduino, dataline from the input module connected to the arduino. I get no readings from it when I change an input on the inputmodule. Any tips? I think I'm doing something wrong. I'm sure the inputmodule works.
  4. Yes, I know the work of Dingus. He's creating Arduino input and output modules. I want to do the opposite, controlling the output modules with an arduino.
  5. Hello, Is there any information about connection inputmodules and outputmodules to an arduino? I want to replace the controller but need to keep the input and outputmodules. The idea was to program a modbus to ihc converter (or mqtt or another protocol). The modbus part of the arduino is easy, the ihc not.
  6. Hello, Is it possible to connect 2 controllers and make them work like one system? Is there a manual or publication available for it? Thanks
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