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Motorized blinds



I have motorized blinds (with stop control) that I want to program.

My system is 6.2 with fw 2.7.220 and I'm using IHC Visual 2.7. Until now I was only using Generic inputs and Generic outputs with the function block (1.1.01. Toggle block with ON/OFF and timer function) so with an input I was "toggling" a switch. 

But now I want to be sure that when I press up or down I force switch off the opposite direction, to be sure that the up and down are never switched on at the same time. 

I was checking the function block 3.01 for blinds control but I'm not sure how to use it as it can be programmed with alarms, sensors... and I only want manual control, for the moment.

Do you have any example I can follow?


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I've found this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sK7xQ6a6F9Q


and I can understand a bit how to program the blinds (persienne) but I don't understand what's the difference between group pushbutton raise (gruppebetjenningstryk) and local pushbutton raise (lokalbetjenningstryk).

What is the right option to control a blind? And I see in the description that with a long press (>1sec) the blind is raised or lowererd, but with a short press the blind is "adjusted". 

Which is the meaning for "adjusted"?

Anyone can help me?


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