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  1. Hi Astronaut, still making slow progress on all this (but making progress -- have downloaded and been playing around with Visual 1 and my saved project file). I have a whole bunch of halogen downlights in my house that I would like to switch to LED (probably the mains 240V powered ones). Noting your comment about Visual 3 being the best for dimmable LEDs, is there any issue with replacing all my 12V halogens and their transformers with 240V LEDs? Will the existing dimming function work, or are there issues I need to consider? Thanks!
  2. Thanks Lars. Good idea to play around with the program before I plug in.
  3. I will follow up with you on this, after I successfully (I hope) plug in and get my computer connected to the system. Same on this. This sounds interesting and could meet our needs for a while.
  4. Thank again Lars. Some more questions, please: I ordered an RS232 adapter and it's on the way. Any idea what driver I need and where to download? I am on Windows 10. I will also download the Visual 1 software. Are there any particular instructions of is it a question of installing the driver, Visual 1, and plugging the RS232 adapter cable into the system? Most importantly, is there any risk of messing things up just doing this (in other words, before I start messing around with the system)? IHC file attached. Thanks again! upload.ihc
  5. Thanks Lars for the quick reply. I just want to be clear that I am happy to compensate for direct time/support provided. I am attaching: 1. Photos of all the IHC 'junction boxes' and examples of the types of switches we have. 2. A scan of a wiring diagram (not sure it it's absolutely correct -- for example, I'm not aware of any gas-related functionality, but looks largely correct) 3. An HTML copy of the configuration that I believe the house runs on now (these are all files I have from the time we installed the system in 2004). I also have a file called "upload.ihc", about 771 kb in size -- I assume that is the actual configuration file of the current installation (happy to provide that too if helpful). My needs, in priority order: 1. Would like to be able to safely connect to the system (ideally through USB (my computer doesn't have a serial port, and it looks like the system used to use a serial cable to connect) so that I can have some degree of control over the installation in the event I have issues one day (I already have one light that suddenly won't turn off, but just flickers on a regular rhythm) 2. I would ideally like to reprogram some functions to simplify the current installation (we sometimes rent out the house, and the switches are very confusing to a new resident) 3. I have one 4-button switch that was disconnected by an electrician and replaced with a blank cover (photo attached) because it was malfunctioning. I'd love assistance with reconnecting a new 4-button switch there. 4. If it's possible to upgrade to allow some remote access to the system via WiFi/internet by adding a module, that would be nice to have. 5. Finally, I am concerned that IHC may not be well supported or have a future roadmap. I want to start thinking about the easiest way of replacing it when the time comes with a good system that is widely adopted and likely to continue being supported in the future. It would be helpful to hear the options from someone who's done similar upgrades. Thanks again for any ideas or comments. IHC Settings.pdf IHC WIN report generator.htm
  6. Hello, I have an old installation at my home in London by a gentleman called Allan Gøndahl, dating from 2004. I need assistance with it (and probably need to replace it one day) and can't find Allan or any support from LK. Can anyone suggest the best way to get some over-the-phone support to help me connect with the system and do some minimal reprogramming? I could also use assistance with a couple of faulty switches. Any assistance or referral to an English speaking IHC tech would be extremely helpful. Many thanks!
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