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  1. Got it now. https://www.se.com/de/de/download/document/VIS.R.03.04.69/
  2. Ok thanks. I will now get me a visual 3 controller. I suppose firmware update and software is freeware and i get that on LK,s homepage ? And maybe a manual of the blocks that are used in a visual 3 controller ?
  3. Hello, ok many thanks. Now i have a plan. I talked to LK,s support (Patrik) and he said it will work with Visual3 controller (820B1600). I need to upgrade the firmware and then there is a import function. So my older program can be reused, only small modifications ?
  4. Hello i have a house with IHC. And need a new IHC win controller or an upgrade. Its a IHC Win Controller 1.32 E1736001. I have installed this 2009.. Is there a way of replace this without changing the entire system ? I am swedish so kindly help me if possible in English.
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