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  1. Thanks for replies! I would like to have option to remote control some table lamps. For that I would need remote sockets. I can find many IHC Sockets like this https://www.wattoo.dk/lk-ihc-wireless-mobil-stikkontakt-relae-1017049147-1028000586 but unfortunately I would need Schuko socket.. any idea if those are sold somewhere? Do you have any idea about the range of IHC wireless devices? My controller is placed in a separate space outside main building but I have prewired coaxial cable for antenna to a central spot in the main building. Haven’t yet tried it out since I never got around to buy Elko Wireless devices and now those are not sold anymore.. all my walls are made of stone if that matters. Of course I could try using Hue sockets, but I read they have really short range. Maybe some WIFI sockets could work if I control them through Raspi+IHC Captain. Anyone doing something similar? Also I read some discussion about heat generation with IHC components. Could not figure out how you did calculate it with Google Translate. I have pretty heavy installation with all inputs and outputs used On one controller; 10 dimmers etc. Would be good to check if I should do some extra ventilation for them.
  2. Yups! Good to learn a new language while fiddling around with your house control I used to have the software in finnish, which was almost as cryptic as the danish due to the bad translation. Very cool to find this web site. Been reading many old topics through with Google Translate. I totally thought the whole product series was abandoned due to KNX being the default choice for new houses here. Seems like you can also get many of the LK IHC components still from DK and with very good selection. It is almost impossible to find for example ELKO wireless devices here, but danish web sites seem to have them in stock!
  3. I updated ELKO Controller firmware to 2.8.4 and connection works now. So it seems to safe to update ELKO Visual Controller with LK IHC Firmware from https://www.lk.dk/mit-lk/ihc-software Only downside is that there is only Danish user interface available on for the software.
  4. Hi, I have ELKO Living System (=LK IHC) installed in Finland and I have been trying to get IHC Captain to work. Everything runs fine on RasPI. I can connect to IHC Captain and I see Controller, but can't login to the Controller with Captain. Does anyone know what would be the minimum required Controller version? ELKO CONTROLLER: Hardware version: 6.2 Software version: 2.7.144 Bit hesitant to upgrade my firmware version as I can only find new firmware files for LK IHC, not ELKO.
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